Win 100.000 V-Bucks & the New Fortnite Tournament

Win V-Bucks

Skins in Fortnite have become a status symbol for most of the players. If someone has no skin – also called the “default” skin – players will think he or she is a bad player and easy to kill. If you, however, have the newest skins, you will be seen as cool and other players will be more cautious in their attack towards you.

The problem is, that you have to have V-Bucks in your Fortnite account to get skins. V-bucks are the in-game currency of Fortnite and you have to pay real money to acquire it. A lot of giveaways are on the web and there is one website, which gives you the possibility to win 100,000 v-bucks if you “learn” about online scams. They want to educate the young audience(since most players of Fortnite are under 18) on important online issues- so they created a 6-part internet safety guide, which you can read while participating in the giveaway.

New Fortnite Tournament

Fortnite will soon start the next eSports tournament. After the initially mixed Summer Skirmish, Epic now wants to do everything right from the start in the Skirmish case. The game itself offers ideal conditions for this.

What do we know about the Skirmish case? The eSport-Turnier Fall Skirmish will be shorter than the previous tournament. Instead of 8, it should only take 6 weeks.

There is more money for that. In the summer it was “only” 8 million US dollars. The tournament in autumn, on the other hand, is supposed to come up with 10 million dollars.

Tournament not only for professionals

How can I participate? More details about the tournament will be announced by Epic. However, it is very likely that they will continue to rely on a mix of established eSports professionals and amateurs from the community.

In the summer, you were able to register for the tournament if you did particularly well in the regular ladder showdown events. As a result, several previously unknown players were awarded massive prize money in Summer Skirmish.

If Epic uses this mode again, the first qualifiers are likely to start soon at the start of Season 6 at the end of September.

Even more money for winners: Already in Summer Skirmish, players could draw enormous rewards of up to 250,000 US dollars. But since Epic offers 2 million dollars more prize money and 2 weeks less playing time in the next tournament, the individual winners’ rewards are likely to be even more substantial. So it’s better to train already.

Fortnite Tournament

Meta-Game just ideal for tournaments

That’s why the autumn tournament should be really good: The Summer Skirmish had a bad start and the first round even had to be finished early. Afterwards, it slowly got better and Epic achieved a good overall result in the end.

With the Skirmish case, however, Epic could deliver good games right from the start. Because the current Meta-Gameplay prefers fast, active and aggressive tactics. Especially the new grapple makes fortresses only conditionally useful.

The new rules for the storm in the final phase also cause buildings to collapse quickly. This protects the servers and brings more speed into the game: Ideal for exciting eSports tournaments that are seen by many fans.

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