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Smite wallpaper

SMITE joins the group of MOBA Games like Dota 2, HoN, and League of Legends. Some may now think: “Oh, nay, not another game like that!”. I have to admit that was my first thought when I first heard about SMITE. Luckily SMITE quickly showed me that it wants to be different and it is!

SMITE – That’s what it’s all about!

The actual game principle of SMITE is very simple. In a map, which consists of 3 lanes, you have to compete in teams of 5 players and defeat the opponents. In the familiar LoL manner, you do this by collecting gold for your equipment, killing enemy players and destroying the towers on the lanes through creeps. Then only phoenixes and the “end boss” of the Minotaur stand in your way, if you defeat him, you win the match in SMITE.

Something New

Sounds as far as everything is known but SMITE brings a breath of fresh air into the MOBA genre by some simple but very well implemented changes. You don’t play as usual from above and move with the mouse, but in the third perspective and the control resembles that of the well-known MMOs out there. SMITE also offers more than just the standard game mode Conquer:

Arena: In an arena, you must be the first to kill a certain number of enemy creeps and champions with your team of 5. The team counter that reached 0 first loses.

smite arena

Smite Arena Map

Domination: 3 control points have to be conquered by your team of 5 players and thus increase your score to 400 for you to win.

smite map domination

Smite Domination Map

1vs1: This is Mano a Mano – in the normal map you fight against another player, it’s all about your own skills!

Extra: At irregular intervals, there is always another mode, which builds on the other but brings small changes and gimmicks with it.

For the Open Beta, all modes are already running damn good, I wasn’t allowed to make a serious mistake so far! Great Hi-Rez, keep it up!

SMITE – The gods are with you

While the view and the control of SMITE are still quite unusual in the first few matches, SMITE already brings a lot of fun after a short time. Very quickly you get used to the controls and kill the first gods. YES, GODS! Because your “champions” in SMITE are not just anyone, but more or less known gods from all possible religions and mythologies. Currently, 95 gods are implemented in SMITE, from Zeus to Ymir to the Greek demigods Hercules.

Each of the gods has one passive and 4 active skills and is either a melee or a ranged fighter. Among them, the gods of SMITE are still divided into the well-known roles of Tank, Support, Mage, Assassin or Carry. OK, I must say that many skills and gods remind you of already known champions from Dota 2 or League of Legends, but that doesn’t bother you at any point. First, because players from other MOBA games feel right at home in SMITE and second because SMITE knows how to present itself with a very detailed and pretty 3D graphics.

Items and Pay2Win

SMITE offers beginners an Auto-Skill and Auto-Item system. This simply means that you can set in SMITE whether you want to distribute your skills in the game and buy your items yourself or not.

Here is also a small point of criticism in my eyes. Because the item selection is very confusing and overcrowded, less is sometimes more! But since it is still in beta, I hope that it will be slimmed down and changed. That’s why I still play with auto items in SMITE, but I distribute my skills myself.

Because SMITE is a Free2Play game, there is, of course, an item shop. It’s where you can buy old friends for real money: Gods, Skins, Boosts, etc. The gods can of course also be bought with Favour, these are the experience points in SMITE you get for games. And there is, as also known from League of Legends, a regular gods rotation with freely playable gods.

But so far I have noticed that there are very little Favor and the gods very much cost. In a defeat I earned 40 Flavour, a God costs from 3000! But that was an exception, I think the distribution in the beta of SMITE is not yet 100% error-free.

Do you already SMITE?

So I can only recommend you to look at SMITE. Here you find a link to the free registration of SMITE and if you want to have a look at some of the game, please visit my Let´s Play Free2Play section, where I have already posted videos about SMITE!

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