Playground in Fortnite still needs this one option for it to be perfect

In Fortnite: Battle Royale the training mode “Playground” got an update. You can now set various parameters. This is well received, but players want even more customization options. Above all, they lack one thing: They want old weapons back.

What is the playground? The playground is a kind of training sandbox mode for Fortnite. There you can do whatever you want for 45 minutes. Both alone and with up to four players.

There are respawns, lots of loot and much more resources to mine than usual. That’s why players have already built the craziest creations and even created their own mini-games just for the playground.

In addition, there is now an update that gives you more options for the playground.

New playground with user-defined parameters

This brings the new playground: With the update of the playground you now have the choice: You can play the playground as usual. Or you can use the “Custom Options” button to set your own rules for the round. These options have been in the game before, but have been removed due to errors.

Now the options are back and include:

  • Shields are automatically full or half full.
  • You have full life force or less.
  • Your items will be dropped when you die, or not.
  • There is fall damage or none.
  • Gravity is normal, low or even very low.
  • Should there be a day cycle in the way you play, or should there always be day or night domination,
  • Permanent display of player name and position, only in the team or not at all.

More fun thanks to options: With these parameters you can do a lot of funny new things in the playground. These include absurd bouncy castles with minimal gravity or epic shootouts with full shields.

And players who fall anywhere all the time will certainly look forward to the option to turn off the fall damage.


Fans want even more options and a very special

The new options are well received by Fortnite fans. But there are still some wishes that fans are asking for as additional customization options:

  • Alternative spawn options
  • Direct fall instead of slipping
  • Limited weapon selection, for example only sniper rifles or only shotguns
  • Adjustable time limit, until when the storm arrives

Players all want weapons: The most cherished wish of the community, however, is to have an option that ALL weapons that ever existed in the game can be found in the meadow.

So also and especially the hums that Epic has taken out of the game in the last 12 months. Among them the Drum Gun or even the legendary laser rifle Zapotron from Season 1.

Whether Epic will comply is still unclear. But it wouldn’t be the first time that the developers have implemented a wish from the community. So now there’s an option to thank the bus driver in the game.

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