Duck Life 1 to 5 Cheats

Duck Life 1


​So it starts...

Duck Life 1 is the first game of the Duck Life franchise, which has already 5 parts!
I recommend everyone who likes Duck Life to go and play all 5 Duck life Games without hacks and cheats first.

However, this post title is not just a decoration. I will link the best websites that have the normal game modes(non-cheat and hack) and, like the title says - all versions in hacked/ cheat mode.

Let's start with the original Duck Life, where it all began.

Duck Life 2

​Duck Life 2

Duck Life 2 - the second Duck Life game 🙂

Now you have more challenges, enemies, maps, and skills. Your duck still has the same goal as in the first game. You need to fight all the other ducks in racing, swimming, flying and so on. The best-trained duck will win the first place.

​What will the cheat mode give you?

-> Infinite Coins

Duck Life 3

​Duck Life 3

Duck Life 3 - or also known as Duck Life Evolution brings something new to the table.
Your duck is now evolving and growing bigger and better with each training session. You can already see on the Duck Life 3 - Evolution picture that the duck grows more "human", but still stays a cute duck.
The enemies are even harder and now you can also do climbing sessions.

This Game is one of the most beloved among Duck life enthusiasts (like me).

​The cheat gives you 9999+ coins after each training session or race.

Duck Life 4

​Duck Life 4 - back to the roots.

Duck Life 4 goes back to the roots. You will not find evolution here, only in the character of your duck. You will face an ultimate enemy - the evil black duck. Will you be able to win the race against this competitor?

We think that this part is more of a filler and we expect bigger from the duck life studio.

​You will get unlimited coins with this cheat. I think that is the only thing that the cheat changes really.

Duck Life 5

​Duck Life 4 - back to the roots.

Duck Life 5 - Treasure Hunt is a spin-off of the Duck life series. It is now available for Apple and Android.

I don't really like this game, because it is simply not the best spin-off. It was designed to make money and not to bring only fun. We still appreciate that new Duck Life games appear, but this is not one of the best and will definitely not be remembered as a classic. The 2 best Duck Life games will always be number one and "Evolution".

​This cheated version will give you the chance to toggle the cool down in the race and you can add infinite cash and gems.

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