Is Duck Life 3 any good?

Is Duck Life 3 any good?

Duck Life 3: Evolution is the third game in this series that introduces some new and cool features to the franchise. The game progress is focused on choices that the player has to make. The first option comes at the beginning where the player has to choose an egg that will develop into one out of four duck “classes.” The player then feeds and evolves their ducks and enters in races with them. The game opens all of its features once the player enters the Dark World and defeats the black duck in a race.

Duck types in Duck Life 3: Evolution

   This game brings in the choice of four starting duck classes which have their evolution which brings novelty to the franchise. Each class has its perks, and thus it’s smart to start with one or two easier classes and then move onto some more complex ones.

   Athletic duck is the simplest character you can choose as it doesn’t have any advantages or disadvantages. It only has one option called “kiss my cat, ” but it requires correct training methods (you can find several guides that will help you to unlock it). Cool things about this type of the duck are its second and third evolutions, which look kind of creepy but still good.

Strength duck is a type that has a bunch of powers that can make it easy to win races at later stages. Those forces are locked behind training that has to be done in a proper order if a player wants to unlock them as soon as possible. Online game guides are there for those that aren’t willing to risk it.

   Last two duck types stand at two sides of the development and training. The first one is the swimming duck that has a large bonus for swimming. The second one is the flying duck whose strength lies in increased flying skill. It’s easy to play with these characters as they already have strong skills in particular areas. All that is left for the player is to train the skill that is lacking and not to forget to improve the primary power at later stages.