What Is New In The Duck Life Franchise?

The fourth installment in this franchise is known as Duck Life 4. The name is still dull, but the gameplay and features changed since the previous game. Unlike the previous game, Duck Life 4 expands on the diversity of ducks that a player can choose.

The game starts with the player choosing one of three eggs and then hatching a duck and starting the first race. That is a tutorial stage of the game, and it jumps to the gameplay after several minutes.

Is the fourth installment worth the time?

The fourth Duck Life game brought some exciting changes to the gameplay as well as stages. The game is divided into six stages according to difficulty. Every stage has a shop, and the player can find and buy new ducks.

Grassland is the first stage that will introduce the world of Duck Life to the player. It only has two challengers (special races). One of them gives the player fifty bucks for the win, and the other one (Brown Duck) is the “boss” after which the player can progress to the next stage.

Swamp is the second area, and it introduces new features into the gameplay. The feature in question is the timing training which will prove valuable throughout this stage and in the future as well. Three challenges await the player. Two of them will reward the gamer with 100 bucks each while the third one has the key to the next stage.

The third area is the mountain, and it also introduces a new feature called accuracy. The difficulty increases in this stage as flying becomes an essential tool for overcoming it. The fourth area presents risk as it is set on the Glacier. It’s up to the player to either risk and proceed or hide from an avalanche.

The city is the fifth area of the Duck Life 4, and it introduces skill and balance as new features. It’s a very tricky area that tends to frustrate many players. The final area is the Volcano where the player competes against a variety of “bosses” that will, upon loss, give out new and rare eggs for the player to use.

The Very First Game In The Duck Life Franchise

The Very First Game In The Duck Life Franchise

The first game in this (now) widely successful franchise is known simply as Duck Life. Both the setting and gameplay are rather simple as the player takes control of a duck and trains it to enter and win races against others. The game received praise due to the smoothness of the racing part as well as the existence of the training and the shop.

Various types of training in this game

Various types of training in this gameTraining in the Duck Life was divided into three sections that complement three modes of racing. The first training method is for flying. This increases the flying level of the duck. The whole process is quite simple as the player has to keep the duck in the air. This is done with left and right keyboard arrow keys. The goal is to collect coins and maintain the duck in the air as long as possible.

Running training increases the speed at which the duck runs. It is done with up arrow on the keyboard. The goal is to avoid obstacles and collect coins. The success of the training depends on the amount of time that the duck spent on running and some coins that were gathered.

Swimming training makes it easier to win races whose focus is on the water. Up and down arrow keys are used to jump out of the water and dive deeper to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Both of these will determine the success of the training session in question.

What does shop in this game offer?

Shop, in the Duck life, sells three different goods, paint, hats and seed. Paint and hats are stylish upgrades that will change the way the duck looks. None of the products that are found in one of these two categories offer any advantage. These are cosmetic upgrades that a player can choose to use.

What does shop in this game offer?The third type of wares is seeds. Regular ones will increase the only energy level of the duck, and it won’t have any impact on skills. Super seed will train all skills that a duck has, but it costs ten times more than a regular seed.







Is Duck Life 3 any good?

Is Duck Life 3 any good?

Duck Life 3: Evolution is the third game in this series that introduces some new and cool features to the franchise. The game progress is focused on choices that the player has to make. The first option comes at the beginning where the player has to choose an egg that will develop into one out of four duck “classes.” The player then feeds and evolves their ducks and enters in races with them. The game opens all of its features once the player enters the Dark World and defeats the black duck in a race.

Duck types in Duck Life 3: Evolution

   This game brings in the choice of four starting duck classes which have their evolution which brings novelty to the franchise. Each class has its perks, and thus it’s smart to start with one or two easier classes and then move onto some more complex ones.

   Athletic duck is the simplest character you can choose as it doesn’t have any advantages or disadvantages. It only has one option called “kiss my cat, ” but it requires correct training methods (you can find several guides that will help you to unlock it). Cool things about this type of the duck are its second and third evolutions, which look kind of creepy but still good.

Strength duck is a type that has a bunch of powers that can make it easy to win races at later stages. Those forces are locked behind training that has to be done in a proper order if a player wants to unlock them as soon as possible. Online game guides are there for those that aren’t willing to risk it.

   Last two duck types stand at two sides of the development and training. The first one is the swimming duck that has a large bonus for swimming. The second one is the flying duck whose strength lies in increased flying skill. It’s easy to play with these characters as they already have strong skills in particular areas. All that is left for the player is to train the skill that is lacking and not to forget to improve the primary power at later stages.