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The launch of Battlefield 5 wasn’t as successful as Electronic Arts had hoped, at least that’s what the sales figures show.

Something different this time. I was following the Battelfield franchise for quite some time and they messed up big time this year. A lot of unnecessary stuff in the game- pandering to sjws and so on. Ok, with that in mind- the small news article: 

Quite a few expected Battlefield 5 to be at the top of the sales charts. But as has now been announced, the numbers are rather disappointing. Publishers Electronic Arts, in particular, wanted better information on sales. Especially in Great Britain the current part is clearly behind its predecessor. The sales of the physical version have decreased by 63 percent compared to Battlefield 1 from 2016. There is no more concrete information yet, but all in all it is disappointing news for the publisher and developer DICE.

At the moment it hasn’t even been enough for the top 3 of the sales charts on the island. The list is still headed by FIFA 19, which has made the best start in a long time. Behind it is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, followed by Red Dead Redemption 2, followed by Battlefield 5 in 4th place. Directly behind are Forza Horizon 4, Spider-Man, Fallout 76, Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu, Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Mario Kart 8: Deluxe. This makes it clear that even the direct competitor from Activision is more popular than Battlefield 5. The information was published by the GFK.


Playground in Fortnite still needs this one option for it to be perfect

In Fortnite: Battle Royale the training mode “Playground” got an update. You can now set various parameters. This is well received, but players want even more customization options. Above all, they lack one thing: They want old weapons back.

What is the playground? The playground is a kind of training sandbox mode for Fortnite. There you can do whatever you want for 45 minutes. Both alone and with up to four players.

There are respawns, lots of loot and much more resources to mine than usual. That’s why players have already built the craziest creations and even created their own mini-games just for the playground.

In addition, there is now an update that gives you more options for the playground.

New playground with user-defined parameters

This brings the new playground: With the update of the playground you now have the choice: You can play the playground as usual. Or you can use the “Custom Options” button to set your own rules for the round. These options have been in the game before, but have been removed due to errors.

Now the options are back and include:

  • Shields are automatically full or half full.
  • You have full life force or less.
  • Your items will be dropped when you die, or not.
  • There is fall damage or none.
  • Gravity is normal, low or even very low.
  • Should there be a day cycle in the way you play, or should there always be day or night domination,
  • Permanent display of player name and position, only in the team or not at all.

More fun thanks to options: With these parameters you can do a lot of funny new things in the playground. These include absurd bouncy castles with minimal gravity or epic shootouts with full shields.

And players who fall anywhere all the time will certainly look forward to the option to turn off the fall damage.


Fans want even more options and a very special

The new options are well received by Fortnite fans. But there are still some wishes that fans are asking for as additional customization options:

  • Alternative spawn options
  • Direct fall instead of slipping
  • Limited weapon selection, for example only sniper rifles or only shotguns
  • Adjustable time limit, until when the storm arrives

Players all want weapons: The most cherished wish of the community, however, is to have an option that ALL weapons that ever existed in the game can be found in the meadow.

So also and especially the hums that Epic has taken out of the game in the last 12 months. Among them the Drum Gun or even the legendary laser rifle Zapotron from Season 1.

Whether Epic will comply is still unclear. But it wouldn’t be the first time that the developers have implemented a wish from the community. So now there’s an option to thank the bus driver in the game.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Major development milestone reached

The release of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is imminent. In a recent Twitter entry the developers of Ubisoft announce: The new adventure has reached gold status. This concludes the development work on the final version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. So nothing stands in the way of a punctual release. The action adventure with RPG elements will be released on 5 October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has reached an important milestone in its development. Ubisoft announces via Twitter that the action adventure has reached gold status. The development of the final version is now complete. A punctual release of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is now possible. The release is scheduled for October 5th. The adventure will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In Japan, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will also be released for Nintendo Switch. “We hope you’ll have as much fun playing as we do developing,” the developers write on Twitter, adding, “We can’t wait to see which paths you choose.”

The main version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is finished. But the work for the developers doesn’t end there. Just recently, Ubisoft announced extensive post-launch plans for the adventure. Odyssey, for example, has a Season Pass that comes with a lot of content. Two story sheets await you. The first of these chapters is called “The Legacy of the Blade,” which appears in several episodes.

The adventure introduces you to the first hero to use the iconic hidden blade, changing the course of history. The first episode of this story arc will be available in December. More episodes will follow every six weeks. The second story sheet has been announced for spring 2019. Free content for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is also planned.

Smite wallpaper

Smite – a Free to Play Game

Smite wallpaper

SMITE joins the group of MOBA Games like Dota 2, HoN, and League of Legends. Some may now think: “Oh, nay, not another game like that!”. I have to admit that was my first thought when I first heard about SMITE. Luckily SMITE quickly showed me that it wants to be different and it is!

SMITE – That’s what it’s all about!

The actual game principle of SMITE is very simple. In a map, which consists of 3 lanes, you have to compete in teams of 5 players and defeat the opponents. In the familiar LoL manner, you do this by collecting gold for your equipment, killing enemy players and destroying the towers on the lanes through creeps. Then only phoenixes and the “end boss” of the Minotaur stand in your way, if you defeat him, you win the match in SMITE.

Something New

Sounds as far as everything is known but SMITE brings a breath of fresh air into the MOBA genre by some simple but very well implemented changes. You don’t play as usual from above and move with the mouse, but in the third perspective and the control resembles that of the well-known MMOs out there. SMITE also offers more than just the standard game mode Conquer:

Arena: In an arena, you must be the first to kill a certain number of enemy creeps and champions with your team of 5. The team counter that reached 0 first loses.

smite arena

Smite Arena Map

Domination: 3 control points have to be conquered by your team of 5 players and thus increase your score to 400 for you to win.

smite map domination

Smite Domination Map

1vs1: This is Mano a Mano – in the normal map you fight against another player, it’s all about your own skills!

Extra: At irregular intervals, there is always another mode, which builds on the other but brings small changes and gimmicks with it.

For the Open Beta, all modes are already running damn good, I wasn’t allowed to make a serious mistake so far! Great Hi-Rez, keep it up!

SMITE – The gods are with you

While the view and the control of SMITE are still quite unusual in the first few matches, SMITE already brings a lot of fun after a short time. Very quickly you get used to the controls and kill the first gods. YES, GODS! Because your “champions” in SMITE are not just anyone, but more or less known gods from all possible religions and mythologies. Currently, 95 gods are implemented in SMITE, from Zeus to Ymir to the Greek demigods Hercules.

Each of the gods has one passive and 4 active skills and is either a melee or a ranged fighter. Among them, the gods of SMITE are still divided into the well-known roles of Tank, Support, Mage, Assassin or Carry. OK, I must say that many skills and gods remind you of already known champions from Dota 2 or League of Legends, but that doesn’t bother you at any point. First, because players from other MOBA games feel right at home in SMITE and second because SMITE knows how to present itself with a very detailed and pretty 3D graphics.

Items and Pay2Win

SMITE offers beginners an Auto-Skill and Auto-Item system. This simply means that you can set in SMITE whether you want to distribute your skills in the game and buy your items yourself or not.

Here is also a small point of criticism in my eyes. Because the item selection is very confusing and overcrowded, less is sometimes more! But since it is still in beta, I hope that it will be slimmed down and changed. That’s why I still play with auto items in SMITE, but I distribute my skills myself.

Because SMITE is a Free2Play game, there is, of course, an item shop. It’s where you can buy old friends for real money: Gods, Skins, Boosts, etc. The gods can of course also be bought with Favour, these are the experience points in SMITE you get for games. And there is, as also known from League of Legends, a regular gods rotation with freely playable gods.

But so far I have noticed that there are very little Favor and the gods very much cost. In a defeat I earned 40 Flavour, a God costs from 3000! But that was an exception, I think the distribution in the beta of SMITE is not yet 100% error-free.

Do you already SMITE?

So I can only recommend you to look at SMITE. Here you find a link to the free registration of SMITE and if you want to have a look at some of the game, please visit my Let´s Play Free2Play section, where I have already posted videos about SMITE!

Win 100.000 V-Bucks & the New Fortnite Tournament

Win V-Bucks

Skins in Fortnite have become a status symbol for most of the players. If someone has no skin – also called the “default” skin – players will think he or she is a bad player and easy to kill. If you, however, have the newest skins, you will be seen as cool and other players will be more cautious in their attack towards you.

The problem is, that you have to have V-Bucks in your Fortnite account to get skins. V-bucks are the in-game currency of Fortnite and you have to pay real money to acquire it. A lot of giveaways are on the web and there is one website, which gives you the possibility to win 100,000 v-bucks if you “learn” about online scams. They want to educate the young audience(since most players of Fortnite are under 18) on important online issues- so they created a 6-part internet safety guide, which you can read while participating in the giveaway.

New Fortnite Tournament

Fortnite will soon start the next eSports tournament. After the initially mixed Summer Skirmish, Epic now wants to do everything right from the start in the Skirmish case. The game itself offers ideal conditions for this.

What do we know about the Skirmish case? The eSport-Turnier Fall Skirmish will be shorter than the previous tournament. Instead of 8, it should only take 6 weeks.

There is more money for that. In the summer it was “only” 8 million US dollars. The tournament in autumn, on the other hand, is supposed to come up with 10 million dollars.

Tournament not only for professionals

How can I participate? More details about the tournament will be announced by Epic. However, it is very likely that they will continue to rely on a mix of established eSports professionals and amateurs from the community.

In the summer, you were able to register for the tournament if you did particularly well in the regular ladder showdown events. As a result, several previously unknown players were awarded massive prize money in Summer Skirmish.

If Epic uses this mode again, the first qualifiers are likely to start soon at the start of Season 6 at the end of September.

Even more money for winners: Already in Summer Skirmish, players could draw enormous rewards of up to 250,000 US dollars. But since Epic offers 2 million dollars more prize money and 2 weeks less playing time in the next tournament, the individual winners’ rewards are likely to be even more substantial. So it’s better to train already.

Fortnite Tournament

Meta-Game just ideal for tournaments

That’s why the autumn tournament should be really good: The Summer Skirmish had a bad start and the first round even had to be finished early. Afterwards, it slowly got better and Epic achieved a good overall result in the end.

With the Skirmish case, however, Epic could deliver good games right from the start. Because the current Meta-Gameplay prefers fast, active and aggressive tactics. Especially the new grapple makes fortresses only conditionally useful.

The new rules for the storm in the final phase also cause buildings to collapse quickly. This protects the servers and brings more speed into the game: Ideal for exciting eSports tournaments that are seen by many fans.

Duck Life 1 to 5 Cheats

Duck Life 1


​So it starts...

Duck Life 1 is the first game of the Duck Life franchise, which has already 5 parts!
I recommend everyone who likes Duck Life to go and play all 5 Duck life Games without hacks and cheats first.

However, this post title is not just a decoration. I will link the best websites that have the normal game modes(non-cheat and hack) and, like the title says - all versions in hacked/ cheat mode.

Let's start with the original Duck Life, where it all began.

Duck Life 2

​Duck Life 2

Duck Life 2 - the second Duck Life game 🙂

Now you have more challenges, enemies, maps, and skills. Your duck still has the same goal as in the first game. You need to fight all the other ducks in racing, swimming, flying and so on. The best-trained duck will win the first place.

​What will the cheat mode give you?

-> Infinite Coins

Duck Life 3

​Duck Life 3

Duck Life 3 - or also known as Duck Life Evolution brings something new to the table.
Your duck is now evolving and growing bigger and better with each training session. You can already see on the Duck Life 3 - Evolution picture that the duck grows more "human", but still stays a cute duck.
The enemies are even harder and now you can also do climbing sessions.

This Game is one of the most beloved among Duck life enthusiasts (like me).

​The cheat gives you 9999+ coins after each training session or race.

Duck Life 4

​Duck Life 4 - back to the roots.

Duck Life 4 goes back to the roots. You will not find evolution here, only in the character of your duck. You will face an ultimate enemy - the evil black duck. Will you be able to win the race against this competitor?

We think that this part is more of a filler and we expect bigger from the duck life studio.

​You will get unlimited coins with this cheat. I think that is the only thing that the cheat changes really.

Duck Life 5

​Duck Life 4 - back to the roots.

Duck Life 5 - Treasure Hunt is a spin-off of the Duck life series. It is now available for Apple and Android.

I don't really like this game, because it is simply not the best spin-off. It was designed to make money and not to bring only fun. We still appreciate that new Duck Life games appear, but this is not one of the best and will definitely not be remembered as a classic. The 2 best Duck Life games will always be number one and "Evolution".

​This cheated version will give you the chance to toggle the cool down in the race and you can add infinite cash and gems.

All Out Of Gum Reviews

All Out Of Gum Reviews

All Out Of Gum ReviewsWe live at the times of active development of computer games. If a few years ago it all started with simple and plain virtual entertainment, now the level of complexity of some games is just incredible. Design, genre and realism – the developers are trying to satisfy the most demanding taste.

The market presents a huge mass of games for every taste, age and wallet. Also, there are many different ways to play your favorite games or even get an accurate soccer prediction. It can be a computer, Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo. Fans of All out of Gum have many opportunities to enjoy their favorite game at any place they want.

It will be much more pleasant to play your favorite game, if you use a special headset, a gaming armchair, headphones and other equipment. Now everything you can dream about is available in any supermarket or store. Modern games are so cool, that in fact, they represent huge worlds on which you can wander.

In general, virtual reality is now more popular than ever before. Exciting adventures can be experienced without leaving home.

All Out Of Gum reviews summary

All Out Of Gum is an exciting game for people of all ages. This is an exciting wander game, a short role story. In this game, the main character uses bubblegum as a pacing mechanic. Players start with eight sticks, and either have to roll greater, equal to or under the number of remaining sticks in order to resolve an action. In the game All out of Gum a bubblegum stick gets lost in case if a successful roll is made against a character.

Also the following happens when the character fails a roll. When a character is all out of bubblegum, they automatically succeed at all combat-related actions. But in such a case they are to fail at all non-combat related actions.

In other words, as we told before, each player begins with 8 pieces of bubblegum. The more pieces a character has, the better they are at non-combative challenges. And vice versa, the fewer pieces they have, the better they are at combat actions. Bubblegum is gradually being lost each time the player fails in accomplishing challenges.

Although the game is not as intricate as most modern games, still, it’s very exciting and awesomely interesting. As you can see from All Out Of Gum reviews, you can play this game for a long time and in a big company.

It can be a family night when you play with your child, or you can organize a gaming party with your friends. In fact, simple but exciting games have a number of advantages over more complex ones. Such a game will not greatly agitate the child’s mind and will not make him nervous.

After all, as you know, the younger generation is very vulnerable to dependencies connected with the computer. That’s why his or her parents should help the kid in choosing a proper computer entertainment. Playing together you will build stronger relationship within your family. And All Out Of Gum is a great game to be shared.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Is Black Ops a Good Game?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Duty: Black Ops is a military-themed FPS game which has both a campaign mode and an online mode. In the Campaign mode, players are immersed in the 1960s Cold Mar and they play the role of a special ops soldier who is being interrogated. The missions in the campaign take the player all over the world. They spend time in the U.S.S.R, in Hong Kong, and even in the brutal Vietnam trenches.

The online mode is what draws most people to the series, thoguh. In this, the players engage in team-based battles and earn ranks, new equipment and more powerful weapons like these.

The online mode requires a lot of practice and skill, and as players learn the maps, the synergy between the weapons, and the best strategies, they will rank up. Many players join clans and hone their strategies together.

Black Ops is a very challenging game, and it is aimed at adults. It has open voice chat, which means that there is the chance of encountering profanity and abusive players. The developers, Activision, do try to clamp down on cheaters and people who are abusive, but because the player community is so large it is hard for them to stop everything.

Black Ops has been received well by critics, and it has a huge established player base. Fans of the previous Call of Duty games have, for the most part, migrated over to it, and the player base is quite active with cheats and daily tips. It is, however, important that players understand that the game does have a huge focus on the online component, and this means that you are dependent on it having an active player base.

It is not a game that would ‘age well’ in that respect, because the single player campaign is quite short.

Black Ops is available on consoles and on PC. As is typical for most games, the player bases do not cross over. This means that if you want to play it with your friends you will need to make sure that you all get it on the same platform.

The matchmaking, if you are not in a party, is skill based, so if you are playing as a solo player you should get put into groups where you will be challenged, but not at a huge disadvantage. As the game matures, it does become harder for new players to find ‘easy games’ because the player base will know the maps and have had more practice than you, but it does not take a lot of time to get a decent level of familiarity, and there are streams that you can watch, with commentary, that will help you to understand the game and to learn what you are supposed to be doing in each role.

Taking a little time to understand the mechanics will make the game a lot more satisfying for you, and allow you to be competitive in any role, even at a lower level and with less equipment.


What Is New In The Duck Life Franchise?

The fourth installment in this franchise is known as Duck Life 4. The name is still dull, but the game and features changed since the previous game. Unlike the previous game, Duck Life 4 expands on the diversity of ducks that a player can choose.

The game starts with the player choosing one of three eggs and then hatching a duck and starting the first race. That is a tutorial stage of the game, and it jumps to the gameplay after several minutes.

Is the fourth installment worth the time?

The fourth Duck Life game brought some exciting changes to the gameplay as well as stages. The game is divided into six stages according to difficulty. Every stage has a shop, and the player can find and buy new ducks.

Grassland is the first stage that will introduce the world of Duck Life to the player. It only has two challengers (special races). One of them gives the player fifty bucks for the win, and the other one (Brown Duck) is the “boss” after which the player can progress to the next stage.

Swamp is the second area, and it introduces new features into the gameplay. The feature in question is the timing training which will prove valuable throughout this stage and in the future as well. Three challenges await the player. Two of them will reward the gamer with 100 bucks each while the third one has the key to the next stage.

The third area is the mountain, and it also introduces a new feature called accuracy. The difficulty increases in this stage as flying becomes an essential tool for overcoming it. The fourth area presents risk as it is set on the Glacier. It’s up to the player to either risk and proceed or hide from an avalanche.

The city is the fifth area of the Duck Life 4, and it introduces skill and balance as new features. It’s a very tricky area that tends to frustrate many players. The final area is the Volcano where the player competes against a variety of “bosses” that will, upon loss, give out new and rare eggs for the player to use.

The Very First Game In The Duck Life Franchise

The Very First Game In The Duck Life Franchise

The first game in this (now) widely successful franchise is known simply as Duck Life. Both the setting and gameplay are rather simple as the player takes control of a duck and trains it to enter and win races against others. The game received praise due to the smoothness of the racing part as well as the existence of the training and the shop.

Various types of training in this game

Various types of training in this gameTraining in the Duck Life was divided into three sections that complement three modes of racing. The first training method is for flying. This increases the flying level of the duck. The whole process is quite simple as the player has to keep the duck in the air. This is done with left and right keyboard arrow keys. The goal is to collect coins and maintain the duck in the air as long as possible.

Running training increases the speed at which the duck runs. It is done with up arrow on the keyboard. The goal is to avoid obstacles and collect coins. The success of the training depends on the amount of time that the duck spent on running and some coins that were gathered.

Swimming training makes it easier to win races whose focus is on the water. Up and down arrow keys are used to jump out of the water and dive deeper to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Both of these will determine the success of the training session in question.

What does shop in this game offer?

Shop, in the Duck life, sells three different goods, paint, hats and seed. Paint and hats are stylish upgrades that will change the way the duck looks. None of the products that are found in one of these two categories offer any advantage. These are cosmetic upgrades that a player can choose to use.

What does shop in this game offer?The third type of wares is seeds. Regular ones will increase the only energy level of the duck, and it won’t have any impact on skills. Super seed will train all skills that a duck has, but it costs ten times more than a regular seed.