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All games in this franchise are rather simplistic which doesn’t mean that they are bad. No, Duck Life franchise focuses on simple controls and unlocks. Progression system that provides new features as the game goes on will keep any gamer interested in the game until the end. Duck Life relies on a smooth learning curve (especially in latest editions) that makes it easy for players to learn about new features and to master them before they progress in the next area.

Interesting Things About Game

The learning curve of the Duck Life is created in a way that allows players to immerse themselves into the game without a need to look for playthroughs. Every new area brings in a new skill and technique, and all of them can be mastered in the training portion of every level. You can play duck life 3 here.

Interesting Things About Game

The visual design of the Duck Life is simplistic, and it didn’t experience any significant changes throughout the history of the franchise. This is a positive thing because a game like this doesn’t require graphics because they don’t play any significant role in how the game works.

Controls in this franchise have always been limited to arrow keys. This might sound dull, but there isn’t any need to add more commands because it would require additions to the game which would ruin it. The game won’t become annoying because races differ and new features change the way a player uses those arrow keys.

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What People Says About This Game

I have been a vivid fan of the Duck Life franchise since the first game, and I have fallen in love with it. I like playing complex games, but every once in a while I go back to Duck Life to do one more run with obstacles I set for my amusement.

Roger Fisher

Duck life was one of the first games that I played, and I got fond of my little ducks. I also played all sequels, and I can only praise creators for their effort to stick with the simplistic design and to expand on other fronts

Lou Barrera

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