​Duck Live meets Smite!

​(make it happen)

​​First -  What is Smite...

​"Smite is a free-to-play computer game of the ​MOBA genre (multiplayer online battle arena) developed by Hi-Rez Studios for Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Unlike most MOBAs (such as League of Legends), the game is not presented in an isometric perspective, but in a third-person view(imortant!). The player takes on the role of a mythological figure, often a deity, of different polytheistic religions, in order to fight with their abilities as well as tactical maneuvers against other players and computer-controlled opponents." -  says Wikipedia

and what is Duck Life?

​"Duck Life is the first game in the beautiful DuckLife series, which was released in the year 2009. ​You have to train your duck in this game so you can win races for ​coins to save the farm. The game ​begins with your farm getting destroyed by a devestating tornado. All that survived is 1 duck egg that hatches. You decide to train the duck to win races so you can earn money to rebuild the farm."

I want a Duck Smite God!

​Smite has currently over 95 gods! But no God in Smite is something like a duck. The closest to a duck is the god Sun Wukong, who is the chinese ​"Monkey king". His lore is interesting:                                                     -"He defied death itself by wiping his name from the Book of Life and Death, and united many of the other monster tribes who sought to ally with him, an act that garnered the attention of the Jade Emperor."

Interesting Things About Game

My Duck God & more...

​I personally have created this website to promote the idea of a "Duck life God" for Smite. So I have created a dedicated page for the perfect Duck God. It will be a tab in the menu and you can visit the page here:

- Duck God -

​I hope you want to play Duck Life and Smite. So here I have a page to link to the best websites that offer Ducklife 1-4(with and without cheating) and here you can download the newest version of Smite.


​Why Smite?

​​Smite is one of the biggest MOBAS in the world and it has one interesting appeal. You can play as a god. Not just fantasy gods, but gods that exist in our human mythology and history. So we have all the gods of all nations and religions(except Jesus, and some other too serious ones).

- From my Blog -

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​How do you play Smite?

​Smite features several game modes, the most popular and challenging of which is called Conquest. The players are divided into two teams of five players each. After selecting his god, the player enters an almost axis-symmetrical map.

In the base of the own team is the Titan, which has to be defended. This is protected by three phoenixes, behind which the base loses itself in three lanes

Between them are smaller paths, the so-called jungle. On each lane there are four towers - two of your own and two of your opponent's. In addition to the ten players, there are also computer-controlled minions on the lanes, which also belong to the teams.

smite conquest

By killing enemy gods and minions, the player gains experience and gold, which is used to buy items to improve the values of his god. The object of the game is to destroy the opponent's team's titanium. An average game of "conquest" takes between half an hour and one hour. In particularly balanced games, however, this can take longer.

The gods are divided into five different classes. For example, there are Protectors who can primarily take a lot of damage and who can interfere with enemies' attacks with obstacles (crowd control or cc), Warriors who have more offensive moves than Protectors but still have relatively high defense values, Assassins who are particularly noticeable for their agility and much damage potential, Hunters whose attack values gain the upper hand especially later in the game, and Mages whose low defense values are compensated by large damage and cc skills.

​How - and which god to buy?

​S​mite will have soon over 100 in-game, playable Gods. ​ You can play them if you got:

1. Enough Favor- You can earn Favor through leveling up and special tasks that the game gives to you. For example, daily  or weekly tasks will give you Favor.


2. Enough Gems - Gems are the most valuable currency in Smite. You will need Gems to purchase special items, like Skins. To get in Smite free gems, you will have to work hard and you will need also luck.

smite favor

​Smite Favor symbol

smite gems

​Smite gems

Smite Gems vs Favor


  • Most valuable in-game currency in Smite
  • You can buy Skins and other special items with it
  • You can buy any god with it
  • ​They are only rare in daily tasks
  • ​To get a meaningful amount, you will have to buy some
  • ​It is hard to get free Smite gems


  • ​Common in-game currency
  • ​You earn Favor every match
  • ​You can buy Gods with it
  • ​Earning enough Favor to buy a god takes a long time
  • ​Favor can only in some cases buy Skins and other items
  • ​You wish you would have more Smite Gems

Is there a way to get free Smite Gems?

So the common problem is, that you have some Favor and a little number of Gems in your Smite account. You want to get a new god or maybe a new Skin for one of your gods, so you will need a lot of favor(in rare cases that works) or as usual, Smite gems.

Sadly, it is known that there is no way to get in Smite free Gems, just like that. However, Smite has seen that there is a problem with it and that the players complain not having a free way to earn Smite Gems.

So Hi-Rez Studios decided to develop a way for the players to earn some free Smite Gems if they are willing to put at least some effort into it.

The result of Hi-Rez Studios' idea is this site on their website.

The concept is simple. You login into your Smite account on the website, so that the site knows for which Smite account you are trying to earn Gems.

The next step is to do the tasks that will be displayed on the page. It is basically doing surveys for free Gems.

But pay attention - some of the surveys will not give you points, because they do not work correctly. And also, sometimes the points will come later, because of safety issues or something like that.

I earned with this site like 500 Gems. But it took me some hours to be honest.


Some Giveaways and Sweepstakes websites offer for free Gems. The best that I found, which offers for Smite free Gems, is Freegenday. Funny is that they are actually a prevention website and just do the Giveaways to attract an audience which "needs prevention". You could, in theory, win over 30k gems. So basically, you would not need to buy any more Smite Gems in your lifetime.

smite free gems

​Smite Gift Card on the prevention website

Daily and weekly tasks

Smite has sometimes daily or weekly tasks where you can get some Gems. The amount is often very little, but if you do these tasks all the time you will eventually have enough to buy yourself a nice skin or whatever you want. The only thing you will need is time and patience and you will get yourself some free Smite Gems.

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